Etymology tells us that English “do” possess a primordial signification of placement – “to do” is to-set-in-place. This place, the space of this place, cannot exist prior to the setting or else an absolute determinism would reign and the flame of possibility would be extinguished. Instead, what is set, its setting, and the place where something is set are simultaneous: hence, to-set-in-place. Thus, doing, any doing, eternally returns us to the metaphysical question par excellence, “how does something come from nothing?”, to which our discovery of simultaneity should be replied. The void of nothing is indissolubly there together with every something in all doing;each new doing both obliterates what was prior and refounds it; time is mistaken for a linearity when it is a repetition. Eternal Return, as Bataille rightly defines it, is the terrible freedom of each and every moment, the name of their singularity.


~ by Benoît on April 4, 2010.

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