I work. I commute on a train. I sit in front of a computer, surfing the internet. I have a drink or two with friends. We do something. I sleep. I work.

From all sides engagement. Friends, family, work, and even leisure oblige. Where is solace? Where that solitude bearing one the ease of a feather in the air? To be without distraction. But having found our cave we discovered that we did not flee engagement but ran up to its most intensive avatar. It is dark here. Night.

One cries for solace from engagement. One seeks, and finds, solitude. Night. And then!… well anything at all really, and so everything. Not less engagement, rest, but the utmost. This one will oblige completely, but oblige us to be anything and everything. “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Out of the night, alone like God, suddenly, light. Everything follows. It cannot be any other way.


~ by Benoît on May 29, 2010.

One Response to “Solace”

  1. This piece has lovely rhythms. It’s almost free verse. Maybe it is free verse. I have read it four times so far just to feel the rise and fall, the gradation of longer and shorter, and then the cadence of completion and the starting up again. Do you know of any other author, classical or otherwise, who writes like that? Whitman? More!

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